Jenny Veeke
Welcome to a new Rotary Year!
We are happy to say we are on the tail end (hopefully) of a very challenging 2 years for both our community and the global community.
As our world is opening up, our Strathroy Rotarians are looking forward to a year of expanded community involvement  as well as increased fellowship opportunities within our club.
Leading up to this year, our Team of Directors has been working to develop our Club's Strategic Plan and our Vision Statement.
In keeping with the ideals of Rotary, I am pleased to introduced our Strathroy Rotary Club Vision Statement:
            Together as a diverse group, we see a world where people unite
             and take action to create positive change across the globe,
               in our community, and in ourselves.
Our Club is excited to take our vision and put it into action. We underscore fellowship, friendship, and fun, while taking on initiatives and participating in events supporting our community.
We appreciate the support of the Strathroy-Caradoc community over the years and hope to look for your support in years to come. Together, we are able to do amazing things for the betterment of others.
If you would like more information about the Strathroy Rotary Club, please reach out to a Rotarian or contact us through our webpage. We have many areas of involvement, Community Service, Youth Service, and International Service to name a few.
We are looking forward to an outstanding year of fellowship, action, and service.